Bespoke Frocks

Bespoke Frocks are Authentic Like You

Bespoke Frock shown in an ensemble from a winter collection by Ivey Abitz.
Ivey Abitz Bespoke frocks are made just for you.

Bespoke frocks are made just for you, to your specifications. When frocks are made just for you, they are truly yours. Such authenticity is rare these days, but then, so are you.

Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks are an original blend of historic and modern sensibilities designed to please the creative eye, and they are found exclusively at the Ivey Abitz online shop.

We make made-to-order bespoke frocks for every day and special events. With their antique feel and modern appeal, Ivey Abitz frocks are sought out by selective individuals that believe clothing has a transformative power and a meaningful impact on everyday life.

Ivey Abitz is exquisitely created by hand in the USA.

Bespoke Frocks Work Together

Bespoke Frocks from Ivey Abitz get special labels sewn by hand.
Sewing an Ivey Abitz bespoke label by hand.

When you choose bespoke frocks from Ivey Abitz, they work with the entire collection. We planned it that way.

Our bespoke frocks are designed to layer under or over other Ivey Abitz designs to create a well-thought-out aesthetic. Our frocks com in many of the same designs as our dresses. The main difference is that our frocks are sleeveless, while our dresses have sleeves.

Designing a cohesive collection of garments is no small feat. Our story begins in 2006 when we started selling Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks, and we’ve been building the collection ever since. For a snapshot of our first decade, see the article Decade of Design Debuts.

Our refined design concepts connect every element of the collection: dresses and frocks, jackets, shirts, overlays, duster coats, trousers, skirts, and accessories. Because they are made by hand with love and care, each bespoke frock has the integrity that is authentic to the Ivey Abitz brand.

Creating Ivey Abitz over the years has beautified our lives as well as the lives of Ivey Abitz clients. You can read their stories at Ivey Abitz Voices. We hope wearing Ivey Abitz will beautify your life as well.

Bespoke Frocks Enable You to Live Everyday Life

One of the best reasons to wear bespoke frocks is that they help you do your most important job – being you.

Imagine wearing a uniform to work every day. Your uniform gives you a sense of purpose and pride. It’s practical, as well. Maybe it has special pockets for tools.

Now imagine having to go to work in a uniform designed for a completely unrelated job. There are no pockets for your special tools. It feels all wrong because it is designed for somebody else. Your work suffers as a result.

Wearing clothing that wasn’t made for you creates one more hurdle in a world that already has plenty of obstacles.

Now imagine the pleasure of going to work in a uniform designed especially for you. It has a special pocket in just the right place to hold your favourite tool. It’s made of fabric that soothes your sensitive skin. It keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. In this kind of uniform, your work soars in efficiency, creativity, and productivity. You’re not thinking about what you’re wearing; you’re thinking about your work.

Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks are like a good work uniform – they enable you to live your everyday life in comfort and ease.

Working the farm in Ivey Abitz Bespoke Dresses
Working the farm in an Ivey Abitz Bespoke dress.

Some of our clients even wear their Ivey Abitz frocks as a work uniform, like Cindy of Saturday Farm, who tends her sheep in Ivey Abitz bespoke dresses and frocks. Cindy was featured in the first volume of Authentic Everyday, the Ivey Abitz magazine.

Cindy, owner of Saturday Farm, makes every part of her life as authentic as her Baa Boys. In her search for authentic clothing, she learned about Ivey Abitz bespoke dresses and frocks through a friend’s recommendation.
Cindy, owner of Saturday Farm, makes every part of her life as authentic as her Baa Boys. In her search for authentic clothing, she learned about Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks through a friend’s recommendation.


Bespoke Frocks are Easy to Order

One of the first questions you might have is, “How do I select the right size for my bespoke frock?”

Each design product page has a measurement chart. These are NOT body measurements. Rather, these are measurements of the garment as it lays on a flat surface. You may need to measure some of your other clothes in this manner in order to get a sense for how our garments will fit you.

Read more details about how to measure for your Ivey Abitz bespoke order at this page: How to Choose a Size.

Bespoke Frocks – Inspiration

Bespoke Frocks in an Ivey Abitz Look Book
Get Inspired by the Look Book

Start by looking at the current look book for frocks that make you swoon. There you’ll find ensembles in the current fabric palette that will inspire you.

From the look book, you can follow links to purchase individual designs, or you can browse our designs by category using the navigation menu. Visit the Dresses and Frocks category for bespoke dresses. For clarity, we should note that our dresses have sleeves, while our frocks are sleeveless.

You can even Shop Ivey Abitz by Fabric, which will show you a list of designs available in each fabric. No matter how you shop, we trust you’ll find bespoke frocks that remind you oaf your authentic self.

Finally, you can take a peek at actual Ivey Abitz orders before their exciting sendoff to client homes.

If you are impatient and eager to get started (it’s understandable), check out the IA101 Essentials collection. Here are ready-to-ship Ivey Abitz designs that will give you a solid foundation on which to build your bespoke wardrobe. IA101 is a great way to instantly experience the quality and feel of Ivey Abitz while you contemplate your first bespoke order.

Bespoke Frocks in Special Fabrics

Fabric Chart for Ivey Abitz Bespoke Frocks
Shop Ivey Abitz by fabric.

Selecting a fabric is a big part of what makes your Ivey Abitz bespoke frocks authentically yours. Ivey Abitz creates a palette of elegant natural fabrics for each new collection, and you make the final selection when placing your order.

If you are new to the collection, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the fabric palette for the current season at our Shop by Fabrics page. You’ll find detailed photos of each fabric along with descriptions and care instructions.

Looking for a lightweight linen for summer? How about a stretchy cotton for a cardigan? You’ll find suggestions listed in each fabric’s description.

If you need to feel the fabrics before ordering, no problem – just order a fabric swatch portfolio.

Personal Wardrobe Service

A Bespoke Frock by Ivey Abitz in eternal spring plaid linen - just before shipping.
A Bespoke Frock by Ivey Abitz in eternal spring plaid linen – just before shipping.

We love offering personal service to our clients, so please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time in your selection process. We can help with any aspect of your order whether it’s a question of size, fabric, or design.

When you are in a hurry, we can advise on the timing of your order. Usually bespoke garments ship in 4-6 weeks, but we offer rush service when our production schedule allows. We rush orders most often for weddings and events, but sometimes to accommodate travel dates as well.

We’re glad you’re here. Let us know how we can help. We look forward to creating authentic bespoke dresses just for you.


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