Midsummer 2018 Look Book

A New Day

It’s a new day, just as unique and individual as the beings living within it. It is set apart from yesterday and tomorrow. The present is a present, ours for the opening.

We can choose to keep the shades drawn at the dawn of a new morning, fearful of what the new day might bring us. Or we can make the effort to get up, go out, and soak in the rising sun, hopeful that the new day is ready to receive what only we can bring it.

– Ivey Abitz

The landscape featured in the Look Book is part of the Great Lakes region of the United States (shared with our friends in Canada). It is the beach where Cynthia has spent her summers since she was two weeks old. It is the shore where Josh and Cynthia had their wedding and began their journey together as artists over twenty years ago. It is the landscape that has inspired this new limited edition collection.


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