Garment Care

When your garments need washing, please follow these basic steps.
Customer assumes all risks associated with garment maintenance, including but not limited to shrinkage, color bleeding, and premature garment wear.

  • The vast majority of fabric in any Ivey Abitz collection is machine washable. Silk spun taffeta should be dry cleaned only. (This is the silk manufacturer’s recommendation. Though we’ve had good results in our washing machines, you assume all risk if you try it!)
  • Hand dyed garments should always be washed separately on the delicate cycle, or by hand washing in cold water only. Bleeding may occur, especially in darker hues.
  • Never pour detergent directly on natural fabrics. Always dilute the detergent in the wash tub first.
  • A cold water wash on a delicate cycle in a washing machine, or hand washing in cold water, is best for all fabrics. We recommend only natural soaps, or those that do not have chemicals or dyes listed in the ingredients. Only use good quality all natural fabric softeners like Mrs. Meyers and The Good Home Company. (Though we have mentioned these companies, we are not endorsing the quality or effectiveness of their products. Use at your own risk.) Big name brand chemical based softeners can cause spotting on the garments over time and should not be used.
  • Tumble dry on very low heat with a dryer sheet or two.
  • Ivey Abitz makes certain that the natural fibers in our clothing require natural care, and they try to avoid dry cleaning as much as possible. There might be personal exceptions that you might want to make, like for a thick wool coat, but over 90% of the fabrics in all four seasons can be cared for at home.
  • Raw edged garments will naturally fray at the edges as you wear them, especially after washing in a machine. Simply trim off the extra loose fibers to retain the look that you desire.

The care for your Ivey Abitz garments is really that simple. Worn regularly, natural fibers will eventually show signs of wear, and you should view this as a unique patina that tells your story. Like antique furniture, the garments are meant to age, tell a story, and gain character over time.