Bespoke clothing made just for you.

Ivey Abitz garments are an original blend of historic and modern sensibilities designed to please the creative eye, and they are found nowhere else. We make made-to-order regalia for every day and special events. With their antique feel and modern appeal, Ivey Abitz designs are sought out by selective individuals that believe clothing has a transformative power and a meaningful impact on everyday life. Ivey Abitz is exquisitely created by hand in the USA.

Not ready for bespoke? Shop IA101 Essentials.

IA101 Essentials are Ivey Abitz garments ready to ship. We’ve made some of our classic designs in fabrics that will serve as a solid foundation for your future bespoke wardrobe. Give it a try and fall in love with the quality and practicality of Ivey Abitz clothing.