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Collection no. 64, c. 2020-21

A Declaration

This new collection of bespoke clothing from Ivey Abitz brings you…

  • More than 200 Ivey Abitz designs with many new debuts, all cleverly designed and finely sewn to enjoy for years to come.
  • The finest fabrics woven from natural fibers. Choose from 59 in the Collection 64 palette.
  • 44 featured ensembles in a look book photographed at the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Hyde Park, New York. Buy ensembles as shown or choose different fabric options available on each design page.
  • Meaningful, ethically made clothing for a bespoke wardrobe as authentic as yourself.
  • Your garments will be made one at a time just for you in New York, shipped to your door in a few short weeks.

Order early in the collection to secure your favourite new design and fabric combinations. Selections often sell out because they are rare, just like you.


Look Book

Authentic Everyday - Full Set
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Authentic Everyday - Volume 2
Carolyn Hennesy
Get the interview with Carolyn Hennesy - Emmy winning actress - on wearing Ivey Abitz everyday.
Authentic Everyday - Volume 2
Wearing Ivey Abitz on a Wildlife Preserve
Life on the ranch is even more meaningful in Ivey Abitz bespoke clothing. Read Nora's story in Authentic Everyday Vol. 2.