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Top 10 Client Favourites of Spring 2020

Top 10 Client Favourites

Ivey Abitz Spring Summer 2020 Bespoke Clothing Collection

No. 10

Campanella Duster Coat and Campanella Frock

Tied for tenth place, clients are choosing our new Campanella designs for everyday enjoyment.

The Campanella Designs

No. 9

Chomley Frock

Our classic wrap frock is a favourite in our embroidered, striped, and plaid weaves.

Chomley Frock Look

No. 8

Highlands Duster Coat

Versatile and lightweight, the Highlands will serve you well for years to come.

Highlands Duster Coat Look

No. 7

Highlands Frock

A go-to layering frock in our plaid and striped weaves.

Highlands Frock Look

No. 6

Harrison Frock

Clients are ordering the Harrison in several different weaves. They love the fit and feel and like having the same dependable frock in different fabrics.

Harrison Frock Look

No. 5

Monceau Frock and Monceau Duster Coat

Tied for 5th, our new Monceaus are simple and flattering in fit, though the designs are delightfully complicated and intricate.

Monceau Look

No. 4

Au Sable Frock

A mix of raw edging and gathers are pleasing to the body and soul.

Au Sable Look

No. 3

Porte Cochere Sash

A favourite accoutrement. Some clients have more than a dozen in different fabrics to mix and match within their Ivey Abitz wardrobe.

Porte Cochere Look

No. 2

Scattergood Frock

The good is being scattered across the globe with our new frock.

Scattergood Frock Look

No. 1 Favourite

Scattergood Duster Coat

A new favourite duster, mostly chosen in our crinkled linens.

Scattergood Duster Look
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Sold Out Fabrics

As you continue to make your selections from the new collection, please keep in mind that the following fabrics are now sold out:

Sold out fabric 3 image.

Black and White Picture Book Plaid – SOLD OUT

Sold out fabric 4 image.

Rosy Washed Stripe Linen – SOLD OUT

Sold out fabric 1 image.

New Day Washed Plaid Gauze – SOLD OUT

Sold out fabric 2 image.

Fresh Water Floral Weave – SOLD OUT

Load images to see the sold out fabric.

Black on White Floral Silk Chiffon – SOLD OUT

Load images to see this sold out fabric, too.

White on Black Floral Silk Chiffon – SOLD OUT

Nearly Sold Out Fabrics

Fresh Water Puckered Stripe Cotton

Load images to see this sold out fabric, too.

See all the designs that are available in this nearly sold out Fresh Water Puckered Stripe Cotton.

Portrait of American painter and teacher Robert Henri.

A Sign of Hope

Just When We Need it Most

We are fortunate to have a dear neighbour here in New York named Bruce. He invites us over often for the best home-cooked meals. But nowadays we are all taking social distancing very seriously. No meals together for the foreseeable future. He still surprises us by leaving at our doorstep treats and bouquets of flowers from his masterful garden. Bruce is an exemplary neighbour indeed.

Recently, he saw us leaving our house to take one of our dogs to an emergency veterinarian. He normally runs over to help in any way he can. This time, to honour the social distancing mandates, he ran out from his carriage house, stopped at the end of his drive, and held up this sign as we drove by (pictured above).

A sign of hope, just when we need it most.

Wishing you good health and hope,

-Cynthia and Josh Ivey Abitz