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New Spring 2020 Collection Coming Soon

Cynthia and Joshua Ivey Abitz in the Ivey Abitz Studio F - F is for fabric

Ivey Abitz is open for business, and we are diligently working on the next collection.

When we came up with our business model decades ago, we wanted to live literally next door to our work so that we did not have to spend time commuting. Not only is this more time efficient, it also saves on car emissions and gas. It allows us to adopt rescue dogs in need and tend to their care. This setup is beneficial during snowstorms and other weather related shutdowns. And it is currently proving to be beneficial during this unforeseen time to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. We are comfortably working in our studio, just north of Manhattan, like we normally do.

Our tailors are all working in their satellite studios nearby, sewing as usual. Current bespoke orders are being made on time or ahead of schedule. We are all following the recommended social distancing during this time and dropping things off to one another at our doorsteps. Our tailors are admitted introverts, and some tell us they don’t mind this additional alone time at all. We miss seeing them, but being sensitive to CDC guidelines is imperative to stop the virus in its tracks.

We will debut the new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection in the coming days. Ivey Abitz designs embody the concepts of thoughtful self-care alongside mindful choices that impact the entire globe, and this seems more relevant now than ever before. So, we continue with our calling to create hopeful designs and ethically made clothing. We hope that Ivey Abitz wearable art will be a ray of abundantly hopeful light, just when we all need it most.

May we all be kind to ourselves and kind to one another. We’ll be in touch again soon for the debut. Onward and upward!

With gratitude,

Cynthia and Josh Ivey Abitz