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Add the Grasmere Designs to Your Ivey Abitz Wardrobe

meet the grasmere designs by ivey abitz


How to Incorporate the Grasmere Designs into Your Ivey Abitz Wardrobe

Grasmere Frock drawing by Ivey Abitz

The Grasmere Concept

The Grasmere design family consists of the Grasmere Frock and Grasmere Trousers.


The lines normally found in a landscape oil painting are translated here to flatter the body with comfort and ease for years to come.

The undulating texture and rhythm along the entire bottom hem is like beckoning hills on the horizon.


Grasmere Designs in a Spring look by Ivey Abitz

Grasmere Features

The Grasmere designs make a subtle expression of beauty using intricate details and lines.

The appliqué detail gives visual depth, especially when you choose a striped fabric or a plaid weave.

Pockets at the side seams make everyday life convenient with elegant ease.

Grasmere VersatilityGrasmere designs by Ivey Abitz

The Grasmere designs mix and match with ease into an existing Ivey Abitz wardrobe.

If you are just beginning your Ivey Abitz collection, consider the Grasmere Designs as a solid base to build on.

The Grasmere pairs well with:


Grasmere TrousersGrasmere Trousers by Ivey Abitz

The flowing legs in the Grasmere Trousers give you the ease of pants and the flattering comfort of a skirt.

Our favourite way to pair them is with an everyday treasure, the Arthur Hill Shirt. The graceful curved lines in the Arthur Hill echo the appliqué “hill” details along the bottom hem of the Grasmere Trousers.



Suggested Fabrics for the Grasmere Frock

Choose one of our sturdy striped cottons, vine weaves, or our staple plaids for everyday wear.

Choose our silks for a special occasion, and the Grasmere Frock suddenly changes from an everyday essential to an heirloom piece that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and parties.