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Tailored refinement combined with relaxed ease. The Chevallier serves you well in every way.

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Tailored refinement combined with relaxed ease. The Chevallier serves you well in every way. 

  • Graceful curves and fluid lines create a flattering shape that is so easy to wear. 
  • Lacing at the outer calf allows you to adjust the fit and feel of the legs. Stellar trousers for long rambles in the woods and hikes to keep your trousers close to the body. Just as stellar and clever for urban life. Lacing is sometimes created with contrasting hues, depending upon the fabric (and its thickness) that you choose. 
  • Long front and back rise creates a flattering drape and makes for an easy fit. Slight a-line drape in the trouser leg so there is easy movement through the hip area. Then, they taper in below the knee and get cinched in at the calfs. 
  • Especially flattering paired with our longer shirts and dusters over them. Creating a long, vertical line on the body, this juxtaposes well with the roomy, then fitted, silhouette of the trouser legs. 
  • Deep side seam pockets allow you to easily carry everyday essentials like phones and keys. 
  • Available in high water (shorter) and low water (longer) lengths.
  • Available in our flat front/elastic back waistband. The garment measurement chart shows the measurement across the waistband across the front of the garment. For example, size medium measures 15 inches un-stretched. With the elastic stretched, it goes up to 21 inches across. Multiply by 2 for the approximate garment circumference. 
  • Sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. 


Approx. Measurements Across Front of Garment (not circumference) as it lays flat and taut on a flat surface.
(inches) X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Waist 10-16 12.5-18.5 15-21 17.5-23.5 20-26
Hip 24 26.5 29 31.5 34
Length 37 inches high water length

40 inches low water length

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 12 in

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Fabric - 2020 Collection 63

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