Onward Blue Puckered Knit by Ivey Abitz

Onward Blue Puckered Knit

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Fabric Description

Description: Texture upon texture. That’s what drew us in to this knit. There is texture in the knit. Then, there is double texture from the sewn indentations across the fabric. It’s quite striking. It’s also soft to the touch. Breezy but fairly opaque. It’s a wonderful knit for hot summer days. Woven in the United States of America.

This weave is ideal for a cardigan when you want to cover your arms from the hot sun, a cool breeze, or just because you don’t want to feature your bare skin. An IA cardigan or jacket will give you all of these options — with an intricate and interesting weave to boot.

Content: Mix of viscose and cotton. Four season weave.

Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water. We suggest using an all natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with our artisan wool dryer balls to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

Designs Available in Onward Blue Puckered Knit