Misty Fog Raised Striped Weave by Ivey Abitz

Misty Fog Raised Striped Weave

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Fabric Description

Description: We adore voiles and lightweight knits for summer, but sometimes a truly opaque weave is in order — no matter how hot the summer may get. Introducing our new raised striped weave. It’s opaque, but it breathes. It keeps you cool and covered. Ideal for trousers and skirts. It also works well for a medium weight jacket or shirt. The raised stripe in the weave is really the showstopper here. It feels good against the skin, and it’s easy on the eyes. What could be better?

Content: Mix of cotton with a hint of viscose. Four season weave.

Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water. We suggest using an all natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with our artisan wool dryer balls to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

Designs Available in Misty Fog Raised Striped Weave