Ivey Abitz Fall Winter 2016-17

Newfound Freedom

Fall / Winter 2016-17 from Ivey Abitz. A new collection of bespoke clothing, made just for you when you order.

  • Get inspired by 51 ensembles in our new Fall/Winter Look Book.
  • Discover the inspiration behind Fall/Winter in the artist statement.
  • Plan your dream wardrobe at debut prices before fabrics start to sell out.

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Bespoke Clothing Made Just for You

Ivey Abitz clothing designs give a nod to the past yet stay firmly in the present. Exquisitely sewn just for you in the USA with the finest natural fabrics from the world over, Ivey Abitz creates original designs that are naturally elegant and whimsically commonsensical for creative souls. For everyday life and for every occasion.

  • Ivey Abitz uses authentic antique buttons
  • Bespoke fall designs by Ivey Abitz
  • Elegant clothing by Ivey Abitz
  • Frocks and duster coats by Ivey Abitz
  • Fall fabrics from Ivey Abitz
  • Hand made clothing from Ivey Abitz
  • Ivey Abitz fall clothing is great for travel
  • Bespoke clothing by Ivey Abitz is elegant and smart