Winter 2017 Bespoke Ivey Abitz Look Book

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Newfound Freedom

Collection Story, an Artist’s Statement

I create for the millions who came before me. The mothers, the suffragettes. I remember you, even though I have not met you.

I create for the millions who will come after I’m gone. The trailblazers and inspirers. I think of you often and wonder what you will do, even though you’re not here yet.

I create for you who are here right now in this world. Some are ready, some are not. For those who are ready, I welcome you. For those who are not ready, I encourage you.

Look back and look forward at the same time. See how far we’ve come and how much farther we can go.

It is up to us now.

Our newfound freedom is fragile; take great care with it.

It is a rare time in history when we have a real voice that is being heard.

This newfound freedom comes in many forms. The right to vote, the right to follow our eternal callings, the right to be true to ourselves.

This newfound freedom allows us to drape ourselves in garments that reflect our intellects and values.

We owe it to the millions before and after us to dress with dignity. Show them how it is done.

It is up to us now.

– Ivey Abitz