Wool Dryer Balls – Set of 6


The secret is out – wool dryer balls help keep your Ivey Abitz bespoke garments looking fresh. This set of 6 comes in a handy bag with the IA logo.



Caring for your Ivey Abitz bespoke garments couldn’t be simpler. 99% of the garments we create can be run through the delicate cycle of a machine washer. We always recommend using an all-natural plant based laundry detergent and fabric softener.

To keep the softness that is in the garments when you first receive them from us, we’re sharing a secret with you that you can use at home: wool dryer balls. 

This lovely set of six wool dryer balls was handmade by a wool artisan in Ohio with wool from local sheep farmers.


Simply place the set of six dryer balls in every dryer load for your Ivey Abitz garments. To keep them in pristine condition, use them exclusively for your bespoke garments. They also work on all other laundry like towels, sheets, and rugs. We suggest using a separate set for home linens.

Tips on using your dryer balls 

• Wool dryer balls soften Ivey Abitz garments whilst they are in the dryer. Use these in lieu of mass-produced dryer sheets which are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the clothing and your skin. They keep dryer sheets out of the landfill, too.

• Wool dryer balls make their way in between layers of fabric, and air circulates more freely because of them. This decreases drying times by up to 25%, saving on time and energy.

• Plan to use these for years, just like your Ivey Abitz bespoke garments (note – garments, as well as dryer balls, are sold without warranty). The dryer balls wear well and have lots of life in them. If they get a little fuzzy, that’s quite alright. They work just as well that way.  If they get a little dirty, simply wash them in hot water and put them in a hot dryer to completely dry. Washing them periodically helps reduce static cling as well.

• Another way to avoid static cling is to simply spritz them with water every now and then before starting a load of laundry. They are best used in a dryer that is not crammed with laundry. Give them time to bounce around and work their magic.

• Do you have garments that don’t need washing but could use a bit of freshening to loosen creases or wrinkles? Have you hung your favourite IA garment to dry and it’s feeling a bit too crisp? Simply spritz the dryer balls with water and place the garments and balls in the dryer together for a few minutes. This steams the garments and softens simultaneously.

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