Limited Edition Royal Jacquard

Limited Edition Royal Jacquard

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Fabric Description

Description: This weave is set aside for our Limited Edition Jacquard Frock. The jacquard design is woven so it’s in proportion to our longer layering frocks. The intricate jacquard pattern dances across the bottom hem, and it juxtaposes beautifully with the petite fleur repeat in the bodice of the frock. The weave feels silky smooth with a stunning drape. It is opaque with a fluffed thread so it’s more substantive than a taffeta. However, it still lays flat and drapes like a sumptuous silk jacquard. The copper threads amidst the smooth matte finish add to its specialness. Three season wear. Woven in France.

Content: A mix of soft wool and soft wood pulp fibers.

Care: Easy care. Simply hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle in cold water. Use an all natural plant based detergent and fabric softener to keep the softness that is washed into our fabrics. Tumble dry on extra low heat with wool dryer balls to keep the softness.

Designs Available in Limited Edition Royal Jacquard