Limited Edition Garnet Cotton Voile

Limited Edition Garnet Cotton Voile

SOLD OUT 11/01/17

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Fabric Description

Description: Our Garnet Embroidered Voile and Garnet Textured Striped Weave sold out during the first week of the collection. Here is a brand new addition to the new collection that complements the collection brilliantly.

One hundred percent cotton, it is cross-woven with garnet and onyx cotton threads to create a rich depth to the hue. It is semi-transparent and can be worn year round. It’s especially lovely for our clients in warm climes. You can have the best of both worlds: the richness of a Garnet hue in a summer-like weight weave. It’s ideal to pair with thicker woolens and linens for cold weather for clients in the north.

CARE: Easy care, too. Simply hand wash or delicate cycle in cold water. Hang to dry or lay flat. To keep the texture in the weave, simply twist the garment when it’s wet, then let dry naturally. Yes, it’s that easy to care for Ivey Abitz bespoke.

Please note: This weave is very limited in quantity. Once it sells out, it will not be available again.

Designs Available in Limited Edition Garnet Cotton Voile