Beacon Black Lace Netted Knit

Description: We love warm days, but we don’t care for the sun beating down on bare arms. With this in mind, we introduce to you our new lace netted knits. They have the delicate appearance of a lace, but do not let that fool you. They are quite sturdy. Think of a fishing net out in the ocean, and you are headed in the right direction in terms of its weave. Okay, perhaps it could not catch a lobster a thousand times over, but that is not the point. The point is to give you a sturdy open weave knit to wear over your sleeveless frocks. We hear your thanks, and you are welcome! We like this weave best for a selection of our duster coats, all of our cardigans, and a selection of our overlays. Semi-transparent and wonderfully breathable, it is a good choice for layering in cooler seasons or a lightweight cardigan during the hottest summer days.
Content: 100 percent cotton. All season weave.
Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water with a plant based detergent. We suggest using a natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with our artisan wool dryer balls to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

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