Midnight Train Waxed Cotton

Description: Ivey Abitz original designs meet rugged and historically classic waxed cotton. We have been experimenting with waxed cotton behind the scenes for years, and we are so excited to have it debut in our No. 60 Collection. At long last! It has been set aside for a select few of our coats, featured in our beloved Camilla Coat. Available in Saddle (rich, dark brown), Ocean Steamer (pleasingly deep navy), and Midnight Train (dark and classic black). When you order a coat in our waxed cottons, it is fully lined in our Horse Ride in the Hamlet weave. The fabric begs for you to literally make your mark on it. As you wear it, you’ll see creasing and scratches in the wax. This is normal, and this is what gives your waxed cotton coat its own original patina and charm. Wear your own story into your IA waxed cotton coat. May you spend many days outside and enjoy long walks whilst wearing it.

Content: 100 percent cotton with natural wax water proof and wind resistant coating. Three season weave.

Care: This is an easy one, because it does not require regular washing. If scuffs or dirt get on the waxed cotton, simply wipe off with a wet cloth. Every year or so, if thoroughly washing the jacket is of the utmost importance to you, you’ll need to re-proof, or re-wax your jacket. Easy peasy. Simply get some inexpensive fabric wax (Otter Wax Fabric Dressing is a good one, made in Portland, Oregon) and rub it back into the waxed cotton, paying extra attention to getting the wax in the seams. It really is that easy! And you will have a rugged waxed cotton outdoor coat from Ivey Abitz that you can enjoy for years and years to come.

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