Carriage Blanket Wool

Description: Carriage blankets, pre motorized vehicles, were part of everyday life to keep warm and comfortable on a journey. Carriage blankets often donned floral motifs that comforted the passengers whilst the horses took them to their destination. We were inspired by the history and importance of them. Meet ours with a modern twist and appeal for our cardigans. Cozy, spongy, yet lightweight.

Content: Washed and softened boiled wool. Three season weave.

Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water with a plant based detergent. We suggest using a natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with our artisan wool dryer balls, just for a few minutes, to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

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