Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches


Fabric swatch portfolio for the current collection.

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Product Description

Touch and feel all of the fabrics from the current collection. Includes literature with images from the current look book.

Additional Information

Fabric - 2017 Spring Palette

Peony Silk Organza, Feather Brown Floral Cotton Voile, Feather Brown Crepe Voile, Feather Brown Crushed Plaid Weave, Feather Brown Stretchy Striped Cotton, Birdsong Embroidered Silk, Blackbird Bouclé Knit, Blackbird Double Layered Weave, Blackbird Embroidered Striped Challis, Blackbird Handkerchief Linen, Blackbird Plaid Challis, Blackbird Rustic Silk Linen, Blackbird Rustic Stretch Cotton, Blackbird Striped Silk Voile, Blushed Cashmere Knit, Blushed Double Layered Voile, Blushed Meadow Floral Voile, Blushed Plaid Voile, Dove Striped Voile, Eternal Spring Plaid Linen, Feather Brown Washed Linen, Feather Textured Striped Cotton, Feather Vine Weave, Flaxseed Embroidered Eyelet, Flaxseed Featherlight Knit, Flaxseed Plaid Weave, Flaxseed Leafy Silk Linen, Flock and Moon Cotton Voile, Hummingbird Double Layered Linen Scrim, Hummingbird Washed Linen, Meadow Embroidered Swirl Gauze, Meadow Stretchy Plaid Cotton, Meadow/Sea Plaid Cotton Voile, Moonlit Meadow Houndstooth, Moonlit Meadow Puckered Striped Cotton, Moonlit Meadow Vine Weave, Morning Meadow Hemstitch Jacquard, Morning Meadow Striped Cotton, Morning Meadow Yarn Dyed Cotton, Morning Meadow/Blackbird Knit, Peony Meadow Cotton Voile, Peony Washed Plaid Silk, Plumseed Crinkled Cotton Gauze, Plumseed Mottled Knit, Plumseed Silky Striped Knit, Sandy Pinstriped Linen, Sparrow Grey Antiqued Linen, Sparrow Grey Jacquard, Sparrow Grey Open Weave Knit, Sparrow Grey Plaid Poplin, Sparrow Grey Raised Striped Weave, Sparrow Grey Rustic Cotton, Sparrow Grey Softest Cotton Twill, Sparrow Grey Wispy Silk Voile, Bird and Vine Silk Organza


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