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The dress is so beautiful and I will treasure it for a long time to come! Thank you for the care in constructing it, the care in packing, and for making sure it arrived in time for the wedding. No doubt, the dress was a BIG hit with so many people who passed out compliments. It made me feel beautiful and confident in knowing everyone would wonder, 'where did she get that dress'. Looking forward to more wonderful outfits to come.

-Nelle from Alabama

I have decided that people who wear art are smart, strong, unique women & men, proud of their individuality. In adopting a handmade identity, wouldn't that by its very nature be the case? The fact that the pieces are sewn and washed and dyed by hand to give a more vintage quality, all of these very special touches are to me what makes Ivey Abitz designs art. It is the essence of all art. The human hand, the human touch.

-Eleni in Florida

I just came from the post office -- my Cozette Bag was awaiting! I love it! The combination of fabrics is exquisite! I can't wait to go out and share this gorgeous creation! I knew I would be thrilled, and I am. Your design is lovely and playful and intriguing. The style adds to my often quite eclectic vision of composing a style. It fits me, and I thank you for a vision for women that incorporates all that we can be and all the generations of designs that women have brought us up to this point in time. In your designs I find elements of our past generations with a wink and a glow to all we are today.

-Sally in Massachusetts

I am not quite settling in; I am still in awe. Everything is so perfect. Every color. Every fabric. Every emsemble. Every stitch. I stare at every pintuck and wonder how did they do it!

-Marsha in Georgia

The magical box arrived today! I was like a little kid while pulling out each piece - the fabrics are stunning and even nicer than I'd pictured them. Everything has been getting duly fondled (in a G-rated sort of way). I'm impressed, delighted and looking forward to more.

--Karen in British Columbia

I love, love, love the pants. I was very nervous about the pants as that is one item I always have trouble with the fit. They fit perfectly, like I was personally fitted for them.

-Connie in Oregon

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