Ivey Abitz Press Release - March 04, 2008

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For Immediate Release:

Designer Offers Michigan-Made Garments

that Celebrate Everyday Life

Ivey Abitz is turning the fashion concept upside-down by designing made-

to-order garments for individuals rather than ready-made for the masses.

Ivey Abitz gives customers direct access to the designer and a more

intimate relationship with their garments.

Mackinac Island, Michigan, March 4, 2008: Women and men across the

country are celebrating everyday life by wearing Ivey Abitz, a Michigan-made clothing

label. The Ivey Abitz business concept runs against the grain of the mainstream

fashion industry by producing made-to-order garments in the U.S. and selling directly

to consumers over the internet. It’s making Ivey Abitz an intricate part of wardrobes

in the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Michigan natives Josh and Cynthia Ivey Abitz, husband and wife, launched Ivey Abitz

in 2006. Cynthia designs antique-inspired garments that are reminiscent of another

time and place, yet firmly planted in modernity. Josh is the driving force behind the

inner workings of the company, including its website.

Cynthia Ivey Abitz describes her designs, "The collection is for creative souls that

appreciate fine clothing and have tastes that transcend fashion trends. It's for someone

who knows who they are and wants to dress accordingly. Our clients want quality.”

Innovative Design Competes Well Against Mass Production

Ivey Abitz is giving Michigan seamstresses work they haven’t had for years.

“There is tremendous pressure on fashion designers to have their garments

constructed overseas to increase profit.” Cynthia Ivey Abitz explains. “But there are

tremendously talented stitchers right here in Michigan that were working part-time

jobs because they couldn’t find any sewing work. We sought them out, and now we

have a small army of dedicated seamstresses.”

Customers Connect with the Made-to-Order Concept

Made-to-order means customers mix and match designs with fabrics, choosing from a

seasonal collection at IveyAbitz.com. The current Spring 2008 collection has 77 designs

and 130 fabrics from which to choose. Such customization means many garments end

up being one-of-a-kind.

"It's a creative and exciting process for our clients," Cynthia Ivey Abitz explains. “I can

also personally help clients with fabric and design choices. It's something they

especially appreciate. They’re amazed and pleased to personally know the designer

that has designed their clothing. I'm a real person, a real and accessible artist, and I

want to connect with the real people that appreciate our clothing. It's a rare process - as

rare as the garments themselves. We have clients who are cleaning out their entire

closets and completely switching over to Ivey Abitz.”

Customer Feedback Shows Clients Are Smitten with Ivey Abitz

Eleni Simeone-Oakley of Florida, is an Ivey Abitz devotee who discovered the garment

collection online.

“To me, Ivey Abitz designs characterize what it means to wear art. They allow one to

include art in everyday life. What can be more basic than dressing for your day?” Ms.

Simeone-Oakely continues, “In terms of collecting beautiful handmade designs with

gorgeous fabrics, this certainly has become a hobby for me. I seriously cannot get

enough of Ivey Abitz designs. I love them so much that I won't wear anything else.”

Designed to Outlast the Trends

People donning Ivey Abitz garments get noticed, but it’s due to the rare solid design

and fine fabrics, not the gimmicks often associated with fashion runway shows.

Cynthia applies what she calls “basic fine art concepts”: thought, substance, texture,

asymmetry, balance and juxtaposition. And getting back to basics often hints toward

the artful designs of the past, when good design was associated with good living.

“In remembering the past through antique-inspired designs, we’re reminded that the

world is bigger than ourselves, and we start connecting with the future. And when that

connection is draped on our bodies, flowing over our skin, we start to subconsciously

celebrate the present - we’re celebrating life,” explains co-owner Josh Ivey-Abitz.

Garment Pricing and Details

Ivey Abitz garments fit women US size 2 to 18, men US size 28 to 44. Average made-

to-order delivery time is 4-6 weeks. Rush orders are accepted based on production

schedule and reduce the time to 1-2 weeks. Designs range in price from $40 for

accessories to $1,000 for an elaborate coat, depending upon the intricacies of the

design and fabric selection. The average garment price range is $250-350. There are

no order minimums.

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Ivey Abitz is a Michigan-based garment design company launched in 2006. It

features seasonal made-to-order collections exclusively through its website,

IveyAbitz.com. Designer Cynthia Ivey Abitz and her husband Josh Ivey Abitz are co-

owners and reside in Northern Michigan.


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