Working the farm in Ivey Abitz

Reviews from Women Who Wear Bespoke Ivey Abitz Clothing

Ivey Abitz has been creating bespoke clothing for since 2006. Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve received from customers. We treasure each and every customer, and we love seeing Ivey Abitz clothing in their lives. If you would like to share some photos or your story, please contact us.

Leslie from North Carolina

Working the farm in Ivey Abitz - a photo from a customer review
Working the farm in Ivey Abitz

My Phinneus Coat Dress arrived today. My fingers brushed its material as I pushed aside the tissue paper wrapping. I was immediately compelled to grasp the beautiful and surprisingly soft steel gray bundle without unfolding it and hold it against my cheek, relishing in its coolness. I let the fabric flow over my hands as I unfolded it and gazed upon my very first Ivey Abitz creation…sigh…..I am truly blessed. Thank you.

-Leslie in North Carolina

NOTE: We love that Leslie works her farm wearing Ivey Abitz. Do not be afraid of wearing Ivey Abitz clothing while you work. Read more about Leslie at our blog.

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Barbara Jean from California

This summer’s collection has really been FULL of treasures, and I know that I will be treasuring my summer wardrobe for many years to come. In Southern California these are really year round clothes! Thanks again for your wonderful designs and your wonderful team. I know that behind the lovely clothes that arrive on my doorstep are hours of thoughtful consideration of fabrics, design, and loving handwork on many people’s part.

With Love and Appreciation,

-Barbara Jean

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Jean Zimmerman, Author

Ivey Abitz studio in a customer review
Ivey Abitz visit

Read about Jean’s visit to the IA studio and what connects her to the Ivey Abitz aesthetic. Here’s a link to Jean’s blog and the article, The Dressmaker’s Studio. And don’t miss Jean Zimmerman’s many wonderful books centering around the history of New York City.

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Anne from Georgia

Of course, I have been eagerly awaiting my new packages and was thrilled when they arrived today. All are perfection and fit like a dream. I feel as if they have been part of my life all along. It is a very interesting phenomenon, and I think it is because they are so perfectly attuned to my personality.



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Clara from the Eastern Seaboard

Clara's ensemble as mentioned in her customer review
Clara’s ensemble

The wonderful Evie Frock and Dress arrived yesterday, and I tried them on under Sabrina’s [her dog] watchful eye (Lila Rose [her cat] has quit her job as the clothing try-on supervisor). I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! I know your description said the hem had extra movement built in, but that was positively British in its understatement. The way it flows and bounces is so lively and beautiful, I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It occurred to me that the Evie wags its tail!

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Frances from California

From Ivey Abitz Voices, the blog…

Toward the end of my deployment the Afghan phone carrier I had offered very slow 3G. One day our base took indirect fire, where people lob ordnance into where we live. We put on our heavy body armor and headed for the shelters. I sat in a concrete bunker wearing a flack jacket and helmet and waited for pages to slowly load on my phone. Coincidently, that day was the very day IA’s spring 2013 line premiered, and I wasn’t going to miss out on making a mental list of new items to contemplate…

– Frances from California

Read the rest of Frances’ IA story and other reviews at the Ivey Abitz Voices blog

Frances wearing Ivey Abitz as featured in her customer review
Frances in Ivey Abitz
 Frances from California wearing her Ivey Abitz. Read her full Ivey Abitz story.

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Reviews from More Bespoke Ivey Abitz Clients

Melinda from Texas

I just received my order and tried everything on. I am speechless and teary-eyed!!!!! Everything is so beautiful! It’s what I expected, hoped for, and so much more! Thank you so very much! I so appreciate the beautiful garments and your amazingly artistic talent.

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Cheryl from California

You seem to outdo yourself with every upcoming season. I took your advice and submitted my order right away so I could be at the top of the sewing list. I’m super excited to receive my order in time for my vacation. It’s going to be so fun to be traipsing around France in your beautiful creations!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness..

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Sharon in Australia

It has been a joy to discover Ivey Abitz clothes. The whole experience is fantastical and beautiful.

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Lynn-Jane Foreman, Actor

Cozy, comfortable and beautiful. A lovely black knit that looked perfect on stage!

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Deborah from RI

I’ve come to expect that everything I order from IA will be cause for excitement.

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Kimberley from PA

Not only are the clothing items fabulous at Ivey Abitz, so is the customer service.

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Karen in British Columbia

I was blown away by the exceptional quality, attention to detail and point of view of the ivey abitz pieces.

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Elizabeth in MO

I got my first compliment within a minute of getting out of my car in a parking lot.