Black White Summer Knit from Ivey Abitz

Black White Summer Knit

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Description: It is always a good idea to have a cardigan or knit jacket on hand, even in the summer. One never knows when a chill will be in the air or the air conditioner will kick on full blast at work. With this in mind, we are pleased to have this peppered knit weave in the collection. It effortlessly pairs with our black and white weaves and can be mixed within other palettes, too.

Content: A mix of cotton and viscose (a very soft natural thread created from wood pulp). Four season layering and ideal for lightweight summer cardigans.

Care: Simply hand wash or put through machine delicate cycle in cold water. We suggest using an all natural fabric softener to maintain the softness we have washed into it. Tumble dry on extra-low heat with wool dryer balls or an all natural dryer sheet to keep the relaxed effect that is featured in the Look Book.

Designs Available in Black White Summer Knit